Fountaindale Public Library District

Interior Architecture Award Submission

Our favorite stories often bridge familiarity and fantasy to deepen our understanding of our place in the world. Interior design for Fountaindale Public Library aspires to similar relevance.

Overlapping ideas inform the design. One is an ‘opening up’ that unfolds between the intimate lobby environment and the airy reading room above. Another is the manifestation of community identity through materials fashioned to simulate a natural environment. Another is variety in library environments to serve an increasingly diverse population, an emerging trend among suburban public libraries.

These ideas are manifested in a variety of design elements. Upon entering, a tree-like wood canopy creates an intimacy that is echoed in “caves of wood” study rooms above. The Children’s area is a collection of interior parks organized around interactive, tectonic tree exhibits. The Teen area is a world unto itself intended to foster life-long library users among an age group often neglected in library design. The stair wraps an LED-lit glass ‘tube’ that cycles through color displays according to the clock to orient visitors in time and space. Glass patterning, which is traced from tree shadows, has a transformative effect. Cumulatively, these environments create a library environment both familiar and otherworldly.

(The library design will be submitted for LEED Gold certification when site improvements are completed in Fall 2011.)

Nagle Hartray Architecture
  • ArchitectureIsFun, Inc.
  • CharterSills & Associates Inc.
  • KJWW Engineering Consultants
  • Shiner & Associates
  • Sieben Energy Associates
General contractor
Power Construction Company
Bolingbrook, Illinois