The Boston Consulting Group

Interior Architecture Award Submission

Goals: To accommodate the same number of employees in less space and create a more transparent work environment.

Images 1-2: Reception
Behind the reception desk, a vertical millwork divider provides separation and privacy without diminishing the open feel. A five-story stairway, developed with the base-building architect during building construction, connects the floors.

Image 3: Corridor
Floor-to-ceiling glass partitions line the office corridors. Designed to provide transparency and facilitate collaboration, they also allow natural light to penetrate into internal offices.

Images 4-6: Offices
New space standards include flexibility for future growth and reduce real estate utilized per employee, without sacrificing a sense of personal space.

Images 7-9: Meeting Areas
To accommodate the client’s synergistic work style, flexible teaming areas are found throughout the floors, providing areas for one-on-one conversations, group sessions, or large meetings.

Result: An office that feels spacious and visually connects staff, even though it has many hard-walled offices.

Gary Lee Partners
  • Atelier Ten
  • Building Engineering Systems
  • Nathan Kirkman Photography
General contractor
Interior Construction Group, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois