Vibes Media

Interior Architecture Award Submission

Vibes Media develops innovative interactive mobile marketing solutions. Having experienced rapid growth, the founders sought an office that reflected the youthful innovative spirit of Vibes. This corporate headquarters utilizes a vibrant finish palette and colorful lighting to enliven a whimsical plan.

Located in a redeveloped vintage office building, the existing space already possessed unique elements that became the foundation for an office that reflects Vibesí culture. From a 1980ís era bridge that cuts diagonally across an interior light court to pivoting perforated metal panels, many existing elements were updated with a layer of bright color using both lighting and finish upgrades.

The design successfully includes significant growth without feeling empty when first occupied. Private offices anticipate shared occupants while the open office area is broken up by enclosed spaces.

The office accommodates a vast range of meeting requirements. Spaces ranging from the small, casual and flexible to the large, formal and permanent are outfitted to support communication.

The design also integrates a large cafe that supports casual interaction. An isolated lounge with unique amenities - from game tables to beer on tap - offers casual meeting spaces that can be reconfigured into a large gathering space for the entire staff.

Eastlake Studio
  • Kent Consulting Engineers
General contractor
Sonoma Construction
Chicago, Illinois