HSBC Global Software House

Interior Architecture Award Submission

The goal of HSBC’s Global Software House (GSH) is to develop “One HSBC” system across the banks worldwide network. HSBC-Canada is competing for the best talent and the challenge is attracting software programmers to a bank.

Corporate objectives are to deliver the “Best Place to Work®” through environments that foster choice and comfort in regard to how, when and where work happens. The new 5-story, 146,000sf facility dramatically improves the functionality and design of the workplace.

HSBC’s brand plays an important role in communicating its values to customers/employees. GSH expresses a global/local tension by incorporating elements like the local mountains outline in the carpet pattern, while graphics illustrate the values: Global, Communication, Sustainability, Innovation, & People. The design goal was to have everything fairly neutral so graphics pop. Proverbs are used in locations like service centers and coffee bars where people can reflect. LED lighting in coffee bars matches adjacent color zones and assists with way-finding. Through an employee photo contest, winning photographs illustrating values are displayed in the coffee bars and cafe. Amenities include: game room, quiet lounge, fitness center, prayer room, food service/dining room, coffee bars, retail bank, training rooms, mobility areas, exterior multi-sport court and rooftop terrace.

Gustavson Wylie Architects, Inc.
Associate Architect
Wright Heerema Architects
  • Bycar Engineering
  • Nemetz (S/A) Associates
General contractor
Halse-Martin Construction Company
Vancouver, British Columbia