Cisco Customer Briefing Center and Field Sales Office

Interior Architecture Award Submission

Cisco’s new state-of-the-art Customer Briefing Center (CBC) and Field Sales Office (FSO) is a 74,000-square-foot LEED-CI Gold certified facility, which is located within the newly constructed Rosemont Corporate Center building in Rosemont, Illinois. This new office serves as a central hub for current and prospective clients and houses workspace for the bulk of Cisco’s Chicago-based mobile work force.

The design team was challenged to specifically to address Cisco's business goals related to collaboration, productivity, employee satisfaction, environmental responsibility and the showcasing of emerging technology within the new CBC and FSO spaces. The CBC features integrated technology, display and demonstration areas and multi-purpose/briefing rooms. It was designed to allow Cisco to showcase its newest and cutting-edge products within dynamic and inviting settings. The FSO supports flexibility and collaboration, the primary requirements of Cisco’s mobile sales force. Open, ergonomically-enhanced workstations are located along the perimeter of the floor, with audio-privacy rooms and a limited number of private offices placed in-board. Natural daylight permeates the space and gives employees direct access to views to a beautifully-landscaped site.

The new facility communicates a sleek and sophisticated image within an environment that supports both workplace functions and specific programmatic needs.

  • Environmental Systems Design Inc.
  • h.e. banks + associates
  • MC2
General contractor
Executive Construction Inc.
Rosemont, Illinois