Ronald McDonald House The House in the Woods

Distinguished Building Award Submission

For families of seriously ill children, the Ronald McDonald House® in the Woods is an environment of significant value, filled with support and shared experience. During design sessions, families, surgeons and staff identified strong concepts of home, personified by the entry elevation, resembling a child’s drawing. Other critical elements include the welcoming port-cochére, accessible tree house, supersized kitchen permitting individualized and collective use, winding stair, hearth, sustainable elements (site placement limiting tree removal, green roof canopy reducing storm water run-off, reclaimed oak flooring, energy star appliances, low-flow fixtures) and the natural prairie path, which reaches out to embrace child, hospital, and community.

Constantine D. Vasilios & Associates, Ltd.
Associate Architect
architectureisfun, Inc.
  • Advance Consulting Group International
  • Brunzell Associates, Ltd.
  • GRAEF, Anhalt, Schloemer & Associates, Inc.
General contractor
Leopardo Companies, Inc.
Oak Lawn, Illinois