Forest and Lake Villas

Unbuilt Design Award Submission

The design for a substantial collection of destination villas envelopes some in forest and some adjacent to water. All present a tangible connection to their immediate, natural environment.

In our daily lives, we are constantly seeking a balance between man and nature, ideas and experience, community and solitude, work and pleasure. The right environment can synthesize these opposites into a harmonious whole, creating unique, unforgettable experiences, unexpected discoveries, and strengthening our connections to each other.

Many visitors to the forest or the lake have preconceived ideas of what ‘nature’ is supposed to be. The experience of these villas transforms these superficial ideas into deeper understanding. This transformation will unite man and nature.

Impressionist painters made such a transformation with a unique technique and a change of focus. Sharp details were replaced with blurred brush strokes leaving the viewer to see light, feel the mood, and sense the atmosphere of the painting. The transformation places the viewer into the conceptual space of the painting.

The transformation of a first impression into an unforgettable guest experience at this collection of villas is about transitions that activate all the senses making the experience and connection to nature more sophisticated.

4240 Architecture
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