Car-Sharing Interactive Charging Canopies

Unbuilt Design Award Submission

Sharing Energy

Car-sharing is transformed in this design of connected nodes of community engagement, where interactive solar-powered charging canopies beckon as vibrant public space. Neighbors and travelers play music, share messaging, and recharge their electric cars, bicycles, and mobile devices. The green transportation system becomes an urban game and active billboard as the public participates via the networked charging station canopies, which serve as outreach “vehicles.” Each 10 kW canopy is grid-tied, saving approximately 20,000 gallons of gas and 400,000 auto miles of greenhouse emissions over its 25-year system, improving air quality and saving 14,000kWh of energy each year. Car-sharing is a healthy alternative to ownership with each shared vehicle replacing 17 cars on the road. Canopy-sharing is a community-centric response, promoting healthy lifestyles and developing a sustainable urban mobility system.

Architecture Is Fun, Inc.
  • Charles Shenk
  • VisualizedCONCEPTS
  • Windfree LLC
Protypical (Chicago first), Illinois