DHS Citizenship and Immigration Services

Distinguished Building Award Submission

This LEED Gold CIS facility has the stature and presence of a United States government building and at the same time is approachable to those pursuing citizenship and immigration services. Our design focuses on a concept of perception and experience, the individual and the community - the Citizen and the Country. These dualities manifest themselves in the design in a variety of ways – inside and outside, solid mass and dramatic openness.

The experience of coming to the building serves as a metaphor of the event of coming to America for many immigrants. Perception of Citizenship is often different than the experience. Similarly, the CIS is perceived from the highway as a simple box, but as one gets closer and enters the building, the nuances of the unique geometry are revealed. The walls of the building tilt away from each other in areas to break the mass of the simple box. Experience of the space as one moves along these walls changes.

The Ceremony Room’s prominence provides an unabashed reminder to the Federal Employees, applicants and their families that the feat of achieving Citizenship is bold and honorable. More than a reminder, the awe-inspiring space is truly a reward.

4240 Architecture
JDL Castle Corporation
  • Accessibility Resource Specialists
  • Campbell & Associates Consulting Engineers, Inc.
  • Charter Sills & Assocaites
  • Command Commissioning
  • Mesa Design Group
  • Pacheco Koch Consulting Engineers
  • Purdy McGuire
  • Thornton Tomasetti
General contractor
Panattoni Construction Inc.
Irving, Texas