Johnson Controls Inc.

Distinguished Building Award Submission

A global leader in building efficiency and power solutions, Johnson Controls charged Gensler with transforming its 1960s office complex into a high-performance campus showcasing the Fortune 100 company’s innovative sustainable technologies. Gensler’s work on the campus included a master plan, historic preservation of a conference center, renovation of two buildings, and design of two new building additions. Throughout the campus, increased collaborative space, new focus rooms to support concentration, and individual control of employee work environments are strategies intended to make employees’ time at the office more comfortable, enjoyable and productive. Now complete, Johnson Controls' campus showcases the highest concentration of LEED® Platinum buildings in the world.

Highlighted sustainable facts:

13 acres of prairie restoration and walking path

32,000 SF of rain gardens

272 geothermal wells

2.87 acres of permeable pavers

Parking structure to reduce surface area

250kW photovoltaic farm consisting of 1,452 panels mounted to ground

132kW photovoltaic farm consisting of 83 panels adhered to existing roofs

Solar thermal field saving 293,000,000 BTUs annually

Rainwater harvesting will save 596,495 gallons/year by reducing toilet flushing demand

Envelope consists of shading devices, day lighting and limestone rain-screen

Under floor air distribution

Johnson Controls, Inc
General contractor
Glendale, WI