Beloit College Center for the Sciences

Distinguished Building Award Submission

The interdisciplinary science building was strategically sited so that it serves as a public access point on the campus. It allows for entry on two different levels and connects the academic and residential parts of campus. The client was interested in creating a space that fosters a sense of community by drawing the various disciplines of science together and makes the excitement of scientific inquiry visible to those passing by and through the building. The building was organized to maintain a communal open space at its center, which provides a large unobstructed area for receptions, performances, and lectures on the ground floor. Single-run open stairs are stacked above each other so individuals using the building as an entry point can look into the laboratories as they circulate through the space. Bridges and seating areas connect the floors at each end. Small balconies project along one side to provide areas for small group interactions. Classrooms and instructional laboratories are designed to support class presentations as well as small group discussion. An outside garden mirrors the interior communal space and is interwoven with places to sit to reinforce the idea that learning can occur anywhere.

Holabird & Root
Beloit College
  • Klobucar
General contractor
J.H. Findorff & Son, Inc.
Beloit, Wisconsin