Chrysler Phoenix Engine Plant

Distinguished Building Award Submission

Situated on a 40-acre site with an existing Chrysler plant in Trenton, Michigan resides the corporationís new Phoenix Engine Plant. This LEED Gold certified facility spans over 800,000SF. Supporting a large project size on a tight site was the primary challenge. Solutions involved analysis of production needs to develop an accommodating, yet progressive building.

The manufacturing building supports the production of 440,000 six-cylinder engines annually as it houses equipment, offices, break areas, and a data center. Additionally, large structural bays provide flexibility for industry procedures. A one-story administration building placed at the front creates a main point of entry. The column free office and dining areas of this second facility lie at opposite ends of the building and are open with views to the surrounding landscape.

Both structures of the new plant utilize white, silver and charcoal metal panels. Continuous windows flood the interior with daylight, reducing the need for artificial lighting and create a relaxing, effective environment. To support acoustics, parts of the exposed structure are combined with floating ceiling panels.

This new industrial complex is certainly a distinguished building. It supports Chryslerís superior capabilities in the automotive industry while exemplifying the next generation of engine plant design.

BEI Associates
Associate Architect
Harley Ellis Devereaux
  • Gala & Associates
General contractor
Walbridge, Inc.
Trenton, Michigan