Wheaton College Science Center

Distinguished Building Award Submission

The LEED Gold Certified Wheaton College Science Center consolidates the scientific activities on campus into one location. Eleven departments are organized into two wings on four floors. Flexible and adaptable spaces range in complexity from general-purpose classrooms to highly specialized core facilities. Additionally, the building includes a museum, open to students as well as the community to further spark interest in the sciences.

The location of the L-shaped building in concert with the Student Center, creates a new science precinct defined by a new campus quadrangle emblematic of the sciences at the College. The building also embraces underutilized pedestrian circulation routes and becomes a pedagogical gateway by bringing students through the ground floor of the building, and exposing them to the sciences.

The architecture of the building expresses a dialogue between campus contextualism and cutting-edge science. Brick is the dominant material on campus as well as on the new Science Center. Glass volumes at key moments offer glimpses into the scientific innovations being pursued by the students and faculty. Stone banding acts as a binding element that mediates the architectural tension between the traditionalism and the new technology. A continuous stone base anchors the building in a timeless, natural permanence.

FGM Architects Inc.
Associate Architect
Wheaton College
  • Hitchcock Design Group
  • Johnson Wilbur Adams, Inc.
  • KJWW Engineering Consultants
  • Webster, McGrath & Ahlberg, LTD.
General contractor
Turner Construction Company
Wheaton, Illinois