Khalifa Park Redevelopment

Regional & Urban Design Award Submission

Khalifa Park is a project to redevelop a public park in Abu Dhabi’s Grand Mosque District. The redevelopment team was charged with planning a world-class culture park, an attraction for locals and visitors alike. The program includes arts and entertainment venues, an exhibition pavilion, children’s museum, botanical biodome, and food and beverage outlets.
Attractions surround a man-made lagoon, forming the central circulation concept. The centerpiece of the lagoon experience is a sculpted landform amphitheater surrounding the monumental fountain. This venue is the center of nighttime events, with fountains dispersed throughout the lagoon and synchronized for large-scale light and water shows.
Much of the park is on structured deck over vehicular circulation, parking and service access. This allows for a sculpted park environment, uninterrupted and unmarred by vehicular use. Many of the attractions, such as the botanical biodome, interact with this layered environment to stunning and dynamic effect.
The landscape design concept is based on historic trade routes and their interactions with Arabia. The diversity of goods traded, the exchange of knowledge, and the diverse bioclimatic regions these routes traversed form the interpretive story line of the park. Adaptive plant materials from these regions bring new landscape experiences to Abu Dhabi.

GREC Architects
  • ValleyCrest Design Group / Comstock Studio
Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi