Maya Romanoff Flagship Showroom

Interior Architecture Award Submission

This space was designed to be a experiential manifestation of the Maya Romanoff brand, riding the line between artisan and elegance. The location is not the typical Merchandise Mart rectangle but a six walled truncated showroom at a remote dead-end. Instead of fighting this, we made these drawbacks benefits.

Our plan was based on a radial grid fanning out from an entryway source point. The long corridor is bisected by one of these radials and back-lit dimensional letters draw one down the expanding entry swoop to a smooth transition entryway and seamless flow around the showroom.

We developed custom displays, pullout panels, chandeliers, worktables and a reception desk expanding out from the entry transition providing multiple opportunities for product applications. Every surface is swathed with Romanoff surfacing materials. 81 double sided 108' x 30' pull out panels showcase offerings in large presentations that glide as elegantly as they look. Focused low level lighting was then applied like a finish, creating a sense of calm and beauty inherent of the Romanoff product and brand.

Rupsis Associates Architects
Associate Architect
Design Collaboratives
Maya Romanoff Extraordinary Surfacing Materials
General contractor
Bear Construction Co.
Chicago, IL