Distribution Company

Interior Architecture Award Submission

This Confidential Distribution Company delivers millions of cases of high-quality beer and food products annually. In designing their 70,000sf corporate headquarters, we focused on three compelling stories about the brand: the expansive reach of the company, the fact that the product they bring to consumers promotes gathering, and the family-owned nature of the business.

Upon exiting the elevators at reception, guests are introduced to a vitrine displaying stories about this company’s three business sectors. The connecting stair, energized by digital art telling the story of the company's vast reach, provides a visual connection between floors. Locating conference spaces adjacent to the stair showcases the company’s collaborative business approach.

Layered into the expression of brand and reach are resonant examples of gathering spaces. The reception area is a residentially-inspired “living room.” At the other end of the space is an inviting “dining room.” Thoughtful consideration of scale, furniture, and art transform these spaces and the entire headquarters into a memorable experience.

The owners' suites display similar treatment; highly detailed and luxurious, with all aspects tailored to the owner, including custom furniture, artwork, and accessory selections. Thoughtful spatial choreography accommodates the ways in which each owner works and collaborates.

General contractor
Clune Construction
Rosemont, IL