Nanchang 21st Century Development

Regional & Urban Design Award Submission

As the urban center of Nanchang migrates across the Gan River, a new government mall and axial greenbelt emerge as the centerpiece. With an existing, underutilized exposition center anchoring the mall, the goal of the master plan is to reconsider the crescent-shaped expo center and its surroundings, adding vitality and connecting to the larger fabric of the new downtown.

The plan focuses on repurposing the exposition facility as a viable retail center, with new vertical circulation strategies and “mini-atria” throughout. Complementing the retail, the plan introduces a full mix of new functions, totaling 420,000 square meters of new and renovated development.

The design concept responds to the 65,000-square-meter expo facility by creating an urban “valley” of activity that celebrates fluidity and movement, creating “pocket canyons” of retail that unite the new development with the existing. Vertical, vegetated landscapes and green roofs throughout provide an inviting setting while addressing sustainable initiatives.

Developed in phases, the project rejuvenates the expo center and features new uses that add 24-hour activity to the site. Grouped functions recognize complementary adjacencies while forming a balanced “skyline,” reinforcing the axial nature of the government mall and integrating development with the new downtown for years to come.

Goettsch Partners
Greenland 21st Center
Nanchang, N/A