Vancouver Residential Complex

Unbuilt Design Award Submission

The four-story, 66-unit Vancouver Residential Complex was designed as a highly efficient luxury development in the heart of Vancouver, B.C. The project was intended to achieve a 90% reduction in energy and an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions relative to typical homes in the neighborhood. It aims to improve the city’s eco-footprint and encourage residents to live more sustainably. The design team's key priorities were to make sure the development fit seamlessly into the character of the existing neighborhood, and to ensure that nearby residents continued to have access to sunlight. The approach was for the language of the building to subtly blend into its context through the use of quality local materials, including wood, granite, copper and indigenous vegetation. The design reduces travel impact through density and access to public transport as well as an on-site car share location; reduces food choice impact by offering working gardens for on-site food production, composting and recycling; reduces domestic water use through integration of water reducing fixtures, systems for rainwater collection and on-site water treatment; and reduces energy consumption through integration of geothermal systems, thermal massing, solar hot water, passive shading, radiant heat systems and energy-efficient appliances and lighting.

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
Associate Architect
CEI Architecture Planning Interiors
Emaar Properties Canada
Vancouver, British Columbia