Tinley Park Central Downtown Plaza + Parking Garage

Regional & Urban Design Award Submission

This 3 acre urban park will become the centerpiece of a downtown, transit-oriented redevelopment and the new physical and symbolic heart of the community. Replacing a large surface grade parking lot with a structure allows the new park/plaza to accommodate cultural and community activities that contribute to a vibrant, diverse and pedestrian-friendly environment.

The design represents consensus reached through workshops, community meetings and public open-house reviews. The covered stage, outdoor seating, interactive water feature, ice skating rink, pavilions and expansive promenade create an outdoor living room for the Village of Tinley Park.

Designed to be populated through all seasons, the plaza knits the downtown redevelopment zone together with the pattern of streets and commuter rail station encouraging mixed-use development and creating a more livable community. The landscape palette includes species that provide changing character with the seasons; encouraging ice skating under interesting branching patterns of the winter Hawthorne Grove, shopping markets stalls under its spring blossoms or finding summer shade after an afternoon at the fountain under the Sunset Maples. The balance of hard/softscape in the park and plaza provides a choice for residents of varying ages and interests to enjoy the community space together.

Teng + Associates
Village of Tinley Park
Tinley Park, Illinois