Peace Officers Memorial of Cook County

Unbuilt Design Award Submission

The design is based on five, geographic points converging on the memorial site symbolizing the crossroads of Cook County. The intersecting lines create a star-shaped plaza constructed of recaptured limestone from the site. Triangular stone walls rise from the ground revealing the stone that was once quarried there. Four of undulating stone and earth mounds are dedicated in memory of all peace officers that have given their life in service of Cook County. The fifth wall will be left blank as an optimist gesture to a future of peace.

Located in a forest preserve at the center of the Cook County, this memorial is dedicated to the peace officers that have served the County at the federal, state, and local levels. The focal point of the memorial consists of four flag poles which represent the United States, State of Illinois, Cook County and the Officers Memorial Flags. During times of mourning, the Memorial Flag will be replaced with one representing the fallen officer’s organization. Three bronze sculptures will be located in the plaza: a saluting officer, a reverent kneeling officer with a folded flag and a K-9 sentry at one entrance.

B3 architecture
Associate Architect
Peace Officers Memorial Foundation of Cook County
General contractor
Berglund Construction
Lyons, Illinois