VSA Partners

Interior Architecture Award Submission

VSA Partners, Inc., one of the fastest-growing global branding and strategic marketing firms in the country, hired our office to design a new office space for their 170 employees in the old Montgomery Ward Warehouse on the Chicago River. This innovative firm asked us to create an environment that works well with their informal office culture, and appeals to their expanding corporate client base. Supporting a program of sustainable and green initiatives is an important part of the project as well.

The expansive loft space lends itself to an open studio environment of large “work rooms” for designers and strategists, filled with natural light and views to the city. These large studio spaces are designed for collaboration among staff, and are surrounded by an inner core of conference rooms, partner offices, client areas, and “phone booths” for private conversations. Custom furniture pieces are mixed with iconic modern classics, and finishes made from recycled products reiterate the client’s commitment to the environment.

Brininstool, Kerwin & Lynch LLC
  • Cosentini Associates
General contractor
Turner Special Projects
Chicago, IL