Plans of Chicago - Proposals

Regional & Urban Design Award Submission

In Plans of Chicago, the inaugural publication of a not-for-profit foundation, the authors develop prototypical planning models that address contemporary conditions in Chicago, considering the legacy of urban planning that preceded and followed the 1909 Plan of Chicago. They present a comparative analysis of historical plans, including Burnham and Bennett’s, proposals by Frederick Law Olmsted, Frank Lloyd Wright, Jens Jensen, and Ludwig Hilberseimer, and circumstances surrounding their evolution, describing their fundamental objectives, characteristics, organizational principles, systems and distribution of transportation, building and open space.

Concluding sections provide individual proposals that have their origins in these planning models and address the needs, basic character, organization and current shortcomings of basic conditions typically found in the region; specifically the urban core, the typical Chicago fabric and the exurban periphery. How these are related to one another and the metropolitan region through systems of transportation, distribution of landscape and open space, and possible methods for their implementation are described in detail and presented through analytical diagrams, text, detailed plans and perspective drawings.

The Foundation and individual subscribers sponsored this publication. The writing and design proposals were supported by the authors' firm on behalf of the foundation.

HBRA Architects Incorporatetd
Architectural Research Foundation
Chicago, Illinois