Citiplan Chicago

Interior Architecture Award Submission

For a major financial institution, the imminent challenge was how to logistically consolidate 360,000 square feet of office space from nine locations to two. However, the greater challenge proved to be the economy and its affect on a complex program that was ever changing. The program involved multiple businesses, – private banking, a separate financial service division, trading, innovative product development lab and a major training facility. Sustainability, while initially not of concern became a mandate in response to their role as a responsible global citizen.
This required “unique” and distinct approaches to the design solutions. An evolution occurred between the first and fourth phase where alternative workplace strategies were developed, tested and implemented. New standards developed in the first phase were challenged as the traditional floor plan evolved into a more open plan. Dramatic shifts occurred by Phase Four. Workstation panel heights came down and offices moved from the perimeter to the interior. The unit square foot allocation per person was reduced from 200 to 95. Sustainable initiatives progressed from using standard sustainable features to providing full disclosure of “live” daily energy savings on a monitor for all to see. Proudly, they celebrate the LEED Gold designation for all phases.

Wight & Company
Citigroup, Inc.
  • E-Cube, Inc.
  • Environmental Systems Design, Inc.
  • Sentinel Technologies
General contractor
Executive Construction, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois