Private Residence

Distinguished Building Award Submission

Situated on a corner lot in a leafy suburb north of Chicago, the simple parti of the modern residence is evident from the exterior: load-bearing reinforced concrete walls enclose the first story and a shifted second story volume, clad in Alaskan yellow cedar, sits above. The home reads as a pavilion within the landscape, with a contextual scale and warm palette making it a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

A large skylight occupies the center of the plan where the primary space of the home, a family library, is located. Here, members of the family can work and play together: the parents use the area as their respective offices while the children do homework, projects and play games. This space and the adjacent stair open down to the first level, allowing a seamless reading of the interior volume of the home that unfolds from the moment one enters the front door. With the aid of mechanical ventilation, the two-story space also acts as a chimney, facilitating natural ventilation to cool the home in the summer months and introduce fresh air to the interior spaces.

Dirk Denison Architects
  • MBK Lighting Design
General contractor
Altounian Builders, Inc.
Wilmette, Illinois