Camp Red Frog

Interior Architecture Award Submission

"Camp Red Frog"

It’s all about a youthful culture for these rapidly growing Event Planners. A Chicago loft provided the backdrop for this fun, casual and interactive environment. With products like Warrior Dash, Beach Palooza and The Great Urban Race, the design challenge focused on spaces and elements that reflect the essence of their culture and business. And so, “Camp Red Frog” was opened. Work areas and offices are organized to promote open communication with camp like spaces to gather and meet in a comfortable casual way. Materials are non-precious and simplistic. Many elements are hand built and crafted, supporting the recreational theme. Circulation and paths throughout the office present opportunities to explore, stop and talk, and enjoy the walk around the “camp”. Whether it is meeting in the tree house, picnicking under the Lilly pads, climbing the rock wall or gathering at the fire pit, the space isn’t your summer camp escape, it’s where you work.

Torchia Associates
Red Frog Events
General contractor
Executive Construction Inc.
Chicago, IL