Yanghu Station

Changzhou, N/A / China

Yanghu Station


Changzhou, China

Total Project Area - 3,400m² (36,600sf)

Construction Budget - USD 6.0m

Situated directly north of Xiashu South Station on Line 01, Yanghu Station is designed to evoke movement along the tracks...towards the city center. Utilizing the more conventional paradigm of an enclosed station (as seen throughout China), motion is conveyed through the design of the facade which transforms across the length of the platform. The enclosure also serves to create a unique and light saturated internal environment for the commuters. Metal panels gradually distort from a vertical orientation at either end of the station to a horizontal orientation at the center. The orientation of the panels at the middle of the station makes the facade act as a light shelf, allowing diffuse, natural light to filter through the platform while simultaneously allowing views outward, connecting travelers to the landscape. The roof plane also opens toward the center, re-interpreting the character of the two long facades. With a glazed layer below the metal panel, light is allowed into the space while commuters are protected against the elements. At night, the station becomes a visual destination as light escapes between the metal panels, radiating towards the center where it is most open.

Architect of Record

Dominic Walbridge
Independent Design Architects LLC
954 W Washington Blvd
Ste 230
Chicago, Illinois 60607
Phone: 312.754.0117


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