Xiashu South Station

Changzhou, N/A / China

Xiashu South Station


Changzhou, China

Project Area - 30,100sf (2,800m²)

Construction Budget – USD 5.5m

To create a unique identity for the Changzhou Metro, a new paradigm of elevated station design was explored. This started with diverging from the enclosed platform model, typically seen in Chinese cities, and crafting an open-air experience that allows commuters to connect directly to the surrounding environment. Located on the southernmost edge of Line 01, the station is connected to a lush green corridor which extends westward to West Tai Lake. Tree lined boulevards, planted pedestrian paths and flower filled parks are a common sight while the city skyline anchors the view to the north. Inspired by meandering through sidewalks and roads lined with trees, an overhead structure was developed which abstracts that experience and elevates it to a new layer of the city. The ‘trees’ stagger to create a unique rhythm and are placed on the platform to allow the easy movement of commuters on and off of the trains. The structure protects travelers from the elements and visually floats on top of the platform becoming a sculpture that people can interact with. Commuters waiting for trains inevitably end up leaning against them to read books, to check their phones, to have conversations…becoming a memorable, interactive experience.

Architect of Record

Dominic Walbridge
Independent Design Architects LLC
954 W Washington Blvd
Ste 230
Chicago, Illinois 60607
Phone: 312.754.0117


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