Rothbury, Michigan / United States of America

Templegy is symbolic of transformation and growth, resonating with the community that funded it. The design incorporates the Sacred and the Profound, the Universal and the Personal: a series of geometric forms encapsulating sacred geometries in progression. From the exterior, one sees an openwork Pyramid - symbol of strength, eternity. Inside is a Geodesic Sphere, ancient symbol of infinity, built on the concept of tensegrity: continuous tension and discontinuous compression. The sphere is perforated with a celestial map and internally lit - the universe shining at night. Within that geodesic sphere was a copper merkaba, an ancient symbol that incorporates a Star Tetrahedron, often used to describe the ideal human body.  The merkaba was revealed only through a celebratory fire, providing an elemental journey of transition.

Templegy was a temporary structure built of 100% FSC certified lumber and coordinated through volunteer labor. Designed to withstand interaction as well as the variable elements of a high summer week: rain, wind and sun, it stood  for a week, attracting  private ceremonies and public celebrations. At night, el wire and LED lighting was programmed to be sound and body reactive, interacting with people as they came close, played music, and climbed the structure.

Architect of Record

Adam Wilmot
roomTEN design LLC
2712 N Albany Ave
studio b
Chicago , Illinois 60647
Phone: 773-849-3381

Associate Architect

Tai Kojro-Badziak
roomTEN design LLC
2712 N Albany Ave
studio b
Chicago, Illinois 60647
Phone: 773-844-0372

Consultant 1

Brian Ellison
bke Designs
2912 W Lake St
Chicago, Illinois 60612
Phone: 312-504-6149

Consultant 2

Kendall Karmanian
Kendall Karmanian Photography
Chicago, Illinois
Phone: 312.498.0408

Consultant 3

John Lairson
Chicago, Illinois


Matt Strzelczyk
Tyler Mallory
Christine Sager

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