Small Seafood Retail Renovation

Villa Park, Illinois / United States of America

The project was to renovate an existing seafood retail store that was a tired and trite seafood shack theme displaying plastic fish, fishing nets, and lobster cages.  Adding insult to injury, customers were overwhelmed with fish odors that implied something less than fresh.  The challenge was to provide an environment alluding to and emphasizing the freshness and quality of the product for sale.

The Design concept was to transport the customer thru a subliminal journey from the beach into the ocean where the seafood is caught, and back to the beach.

  • The exterior elevation represents the waves crashing against a cliff as the canopy sign glows like bioluminescent algae.
  • The colored, exposed aggregate concrete flooring implies the beach as wavy indigo ceiling panels are ocean waves rolling to shore.
  • The stores dark blue concrete flooring and exposed ceiling suggest the deep ocean while the open-cell ceiling insinuates the fishing nets above.
  • Textured, curving, white soffit panels refer to ocean foam and had to be unfinished in order to curve.
  • All LED lights were used to brightly display the product.
  • Signage and graphics are simple and informative.
  • A new RTU in vestibule and added economizer/ filters to solve the fish smell.

Architect of Record

JerMe Bentley
United Insulated Structures Corp. (UISC)
5430 St. Charles rd
Berkeley, Illinois 60163
Phone: 708-707-1484

Associate Architect

Dan Tyler
United Insulated Structures Corp
5430 St. Scharles Rd.
Berkeley, Illinois 60163
Phone: 708-544-8200

General Contractor

Gary O'Donnell
United Insulated Structures Corp.
5430 St. Charles rd
Berkeley, Illinois 60163
Phone: 708-544-8200

Consultant 1

Denise Bradley
DBI, Inc
917 South Laflin, #3
Chicago, Illinois 60607
Phone: 312-455-8388

Consultant 2

Craig Huff
9575 Le Saint drive
Fairfield, Ohio 45014
Phone: 513-974-9925

Consultant 3

Kevin Rooney
Berkeley, Illinois 60163
Phone: 708-544-8200

Consultant 4

Arham Siddiqui

Consultant 5

Filip Itellari


JerMe Bentley
Ember Bentley

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