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Changing demographics at the Salvation Army’s College for Officer Training have led to an increase in students with young families on campus. The new playground provides children with a safe play area that supports both passive and active recreation activities. The project is defined on the campus side by a short perforated metal fence, precast concrete benches, butterfly garden, and an interactive water feature. The perimeter wall on the street side is a playful composition of perforated metal screens, masonry walls, and landscape areas that creates a new identity for the neighborhood. The masonry wall has punched glazed openings at varied elevations that allows children of different sizes to peek out into the neighborhood and establishes a human scale. The butterfly garden is landscaped with plants that attract butterflies and birds adding a natural element to the children’s daily experience. The fountain adds a source of water to the play experience and provides a cool respite during the summer months. Water jets are animated creating a playful pattern of sound and reflection when children are present. The new playground brings a thoughtful approach to play by supporting multiple forms of recreation with a delightful composition of natural and built elements.

Architect of Record

Paul Harding
Harding Partners
224 South Michigan Avenue
Suite 245
Chicago, Illinois 60604
Phone: 312.922.2600
Fax: 312.922.8222

General Contractor

Mike Shydlowski
3235 Arnold Lane
Northbrook, Illinois 60062
Phone: 847.498.3800
Fax: 847.498.4896

Consultant 1

Charles Anderson
C.E.Anderson and Associates
175 North Franklin Avenue
Suite 410
Chicago, Illinois 60606
Phone: 312.750.1701

Consultant 2

Karen Steingraber
Terra Engineering
225 West Ohio Street
Suite 400
Chicago, Illinois 60654
Phone: 312.467.0123

Consultant 3

Carol Yetken
CYLA Design Associates Inc
Oak Park, Illinois 60302
Phone: 708.524.1484


Dave Burk
Christopher Barrett

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