Packard Automotive Plant Renovation

Detroit, Michigan / United States of America

Packard Automotive Plant Renovation

Adaptive Re-Use (Light Manufacturing, Creative Office, Museum, Retail, Entertainment)

Detroit, Michigan

Project Area - 4,000,000sf

Construction Budget – N/A (Concept Proposal)

The Packard Plant was one of the first significant automotive factories built in Detroit in the early 20th century. Currently, the plant sits abandoned and has become a symbol of Detroit’s once glorious past and current decline. The proposal calls for a mixed-use redevelopment of this historic site, divided into 4 primary zones: Make, Work, Learn, and Play. These zones complement each other to create a vibrant urban node that supports and activates the dilapidated residential communities surrounding the plant, sparking revitalization beyond the boundaries of the project site. Outdoor streets and courtyards are carved throughout the base of the existing structure, creating pedestrian connections which link different elements of the program. Unsalvageable areas are turned into spatial opportunities, creating layers of space that weave through different elevations of the project. Floating above the existing structure, new volumes are added which define the four programmatic zones. These volumes maintain a material connection to the industrial history of the site, while simultaneously conveying a progressive, renewed identity. Perpendicular to the site, under-utilized blocks are cleared to create a park that locks the development into the neighborhood. The renewed plant creates a center for the community and a new landmark for the city.

Architect of Record

Dominic Walbridge
Independent Design Architects LLC
954 W Washington Blvd
Ste 230
Chicago, Illinois 60607
Phone: 312.754.0117


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