Municipal Service Center

Marquette, Michigan / United States of America

Our dominant idea is expressed using the iconic form of industrial materials such as piping. The 113,560 sf facility’s anatomy is visually and functionally enhanced by the use of this circular shape. The architecture creates a building that combines modern design approaches with classic forms.

Through design, we have eliminated troublesome weather and maintenance conditions. The roof form prevents snow drifting and the downward curve prohibits icing. The building’s composition achieves added durability with the use of metal roofing, precast panels, masonry, and aluminum.

The shape is classic and efficient. Our design is modern and functional. By showcasing infrastructure trademarks, the Marquette Municipal Service Center communicates a message of tenacity and durability.

Architect of Record

John Myefski
Myefski Architects
630 Davis St.
5th Floor
Evanston, Illinois 60201
Phone: 847.440.8294


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