Master Bathroom Remodeling with Nautilus Shower

Elmwood Park, Illinois / United States of America

The program called for the opening up of a long and narrow compartmentalized master bathroom, the sharing of light from existing windows, and a doorless showering experience. The solution included removing the intervening partitions, adding a pair of rolling glass doors to the bedroom, and locating the open shower at the end of the bathroom. A nautilus shaped shower was created using the Fibonacci sequence with it’s spiral progression opening up to the bathroom. A small portion of the master closet was borrowed to allow for a more anthropometric proportioning to the mathematical expression within the given width constraints. The curving nautilus wall leads to the wet showering area of the interior where the source of the water and drain are located at the locus of the Fibonacci spiral. A light trough follows the curvature of the wall into the showeroom and back out again and serves to host the ambient LED lighting and a means of evacuating excessive moisture. The open shelves, shower seat, and soap niche are volumes scooped out of the curved wall and are rendered with glass tiles.

Architect of Record

Craig Cernek
The Archi/Build Group, Inc.
1652 W. Edgewater Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60660
Phone: 773-989-87938

General Contractor

Craig Cernek
Archi/Build Construction LLC
1652 W. Edgewater Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60660
Phone: 773-989-8938

Consultant 1

Nick Virgilio
Janco Design Group
11230 Plattner Dr.
Mokena, Illinois 60448
Phone: 630-528-2487

Consultant 2

John Cerski
Construction Lege Artis Corp.
2546 N. Larame Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60639
Phone: 773-882-3010

Consultant 3

Tim Howard
Howard Builders
Barrington, Illinois 60010
Phone: 847-514-9106

Consultant 4

Gary Moscinski
HPS Decorating
Brookfield, Illinois 60513
Phone: 708-692-7441


Craig Cernek

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