Hill House 3

Los Altos Hills , California / United States of America

​Hill House 3 was designed for and built on one of the highest points in Los Altos​ Hills, California. The site has vistas of Stanford, Rancho San Antonio Open Space Reserve, and the San Francisco Bay and the house was sited and designed to frame those views. The house's siting and height also reflect local ordinances that mitigate the visual impact on surrounding residences. ​The existing topography of the site was retained, all trees were kept, and the house was placed to increase shade provided from those trees.   

​Many of the house's views are toward the south and northeast; the design implications led to a series of teak and aluminum overhangs which were placed, composed, and canted to limit direct sunlight in the summer and maximize solar gain in the "winter".   ​The white stucco exterior walls also reflect heat from the house.

The clients (a software executive and opera trustee) asked for a house design with contrasting static and active compositional elements where movement is a central theme. The placement of the plan's glass/wood/plaster interior partitions, and the exterior walls sun and weather screening elements augment the design theme.  

Architect of Record

Michael Lustig
Michael Lustig Architects Inc.
349 East Witchwood
Lake Bluff, Illinois 60044
Phone: 312.493.2760


Michael Lustig

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