DL Couch

Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

Providing flexibility to display over 1,000 products in fewer than 3,000 sq. ft. was a challenge overcome with visual restraint and clever detailing. The monochromatic palate created with white washed plank flooring and white laminate millwork allows the wide range of colorful textures and materials offered by this wall covering and fabric supplier to make an indelible impression. The solution included easily adjustable displays of custom sliding steel frames that hold magnetic panels so sales personnel can modify the products that they want to feature in a matter of minutes. The sliding track system provides tremendous spatial flexibility with an endless combination of panel layouts giving personnel the ability to produce side by side comparisons for a particular client or stack the panels and seamlessly open the floor plan for large events or trade shows. Cabinetry and freestanding ‘design stations’ were created to allow future adaptability while providing desired storage for their vast catalog of textiles. This showroom supports the adage ‘Less is More’. Far more powerful than the visual noise of displaying too much product at once the design demonstrates the uniqueness and flair of the product-line in a crisp clean environment that showcased their product as art.

Architect of Record

Charles Cook
Cook Architectural Design Studio, Inc.
222 Merchandise Mart
Suite 948
Chicago, Illinois 60654
Phone: 312.846.6292

General Contractor

Tim Kosogof
Bear Construction
222 Merchandise Mart Plaza
Suite 9-102A
Chicago, Illinois 60654
Phone: 847.704.1784

Consultant 1

Lew Hamilton
KJWW Engineering Consultants
231 South LaSalle Street
Suite 600
Chicago, Illinois 60604
Phone: hamiltonld@kjw


Jake Swarr

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