Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

An exercise in recycling, this console table was constructed completely of hardwood scraps.  The curve of the bent front face was determined by the lengths of the available material:  the smallest lengths were used at the tighter radius of the curve, longer scraps were used at the straight sections.  Intentional gaps between the pieces further articulate the laminated fabrication system, laid up like a masonry wall with random brick lengths.  After the lamination was secured, the front and back surfaces were planed to reduce material and create the appearance of a taught plane as opposed to a more massive stacked bond.  Furthermore, removing unnecessary thickness provides greater opportunity for light to permeate through the membrane from behind.  

Architect of Record

Michael Wilkinson
Wilkinson Design Corporation
1934 West Waveland
Chicago, Illinois 60613
Phone: 312.848.4569


Michael Wilkinson

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