Civil Defense Museum

Changhzou, N/A / China

Civil Defense Museum & Emergency Management Offices

Mixed-Use (Cultural, Office)

Changzhou, China

Project Area - 220,650sf (20,500m²)

Construction Budget - USD 30m

Historically, civil defense referred to military attack and civilian protection, but recently the focus has shifted towards emergency and crisis management. The program reflects this shift, supporting a science and history museum as well as new offices dedicated to emergency management. The massing is conceived as twin boxes set into the park, housing each respective element of the program. The museum is pushed to the western edge of the site providing views down the length of the park. To the east, the office building is rotated in response to the central forum. A final component, the landscape, is lifted around the buildings to create a faceted berm which becomes an extension of the park. The berm reduces the apparent visual mass of the buildings, minimizes the built impact on the site and conceals support and parking spaces. A civil defense experience center is also set below the berm, mimicking the atmosphere of sheltered, subterranean bunkers. Internally, the center of each mass is carved away allowing natural light to enter through an atrium in the museum and courtyard in the office. These two spaces are intended to be the ‘heart’ of the buildings, where the inhabitants meet, interact and circulate.

Architect of Record

Dominic Walbridge
Independent Design Architects LLC
954 W Washington Blvd
Ste 230
Chicago, Illinois 60607
Phone: 312.754.0117

Consultant 1

Yi Qiu
ICDA International Ltd.


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