Cityfront Cafe and Illy Espressamente

Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

The Cityfront Cafe and Illy Espressamente are adjoining spaces on the ground floor of the NBC Tower in Chicago's Magnificent Mile.  The goal for creating the spaces was to provide a cafe and coffee amenity to the building and the surrounding area, mostly retail stores and hotels.  The Cityfront Cafe is an upscale quick service food venue featuring a high level of culinary offerings in a fun, vibrant setting.  Illy Espressamente is a European style coffee bar highlighting Illy, the premium Italian coffee brand.

The design team had to collaborate with a lot of parties to get this project to a successful completion.  Metropolis Investment Holdings (owner), the creatives behind the Italian Illy coffee brand, and the culinary vision of Eurest (food service operator), all had influence over the design of the spaces from the beginning of the concept. Surviving a three year durarion, relocation of the site, and many overseas coordination calls, the project was full of challenges for the O'K+K team.

The overall design for both spaces are clean and modern, with European influence and pops of color. The interiors are minimal and rely on the decor, furniture, and lighting for the hospitable warmth of the space. Features for the Cityfront Cafe include a state of the art culinary island, terrazzo floors, modern baffle ceiling system, Eames chairs, and a custom communal table.  O'K+K designed custom map graphic artwork that provide bold colors and highlight the Chicago location at an oversized scale.  Espressamente includes a metal coffee bar and espresso machines from Italy, bold graphic art, and iconic references of the brand.  Interior lighting was a particular focus of the design team, making sure the clean modern materials were highlighted. 

The grand opening of the spaces was a success, and shortly afterward the clients retained O'K+K to expand the seating area and add a lounge element.

Architect of Record

David Kasprak
O'Kelly Kasprak LLC
940 W Adams Street
Suite 102
Chicago , Illinois 60607
Phone: 312-962-5977
Fax: 312-962-5977

Associate Architect

Belinda O'Kelly
O'Kelly Kasprak LLC
940 W Adams Street
Suite 102
Chicago, Illinois 60607
Phone: 312.962.5977
Fax: 312.962.5977

General Contractor

Cy Rangel
Jones Lang LaSalle Construction Services
200 E Randolph
Suite 4700
Chicago , Illinois 60601
Phone: 1 312 228 3152

Consultant 1

Betti Ramon
175 S York Rd
Elmhurst, Illinois

Consultant 2

Eric Chaplick
945 Edgewood Avenue
Unit G
Woodale, Illinois 60191

Consultant 3

Simone Lusina
110 I 34147 Trieste, Illinois

Consultant 4

Steve Kent
Kent Engineering
Chicago, Illinois 60606
Phone: 312-795-1230

Consultant 5

Greg Eishen
Fujikawa Johnson Gobel
Chicago, Illinois 60601
Phone: 312-565-2727


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