Floating Cabinet

Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

Navigating constraints and pushing limits is an architect’s responsibility; knowing when to stop designing is usually the challenge.  After five years of successful collaboration between architect and client, this living room cabinet became the pivot for a reversal of roles.  

As a key element of a complete apartment redesign, the proposed media center was a rational box, finished to match the rest of the new cabinetry.  With shop drawings approved and materials ordered, the architect had put down his pencil.  Then came the client’s email:  “We have to talk – it’s absolutely overwhelming the room...”

After a feeble (and arrogant) attempt to convince them they were wrong, the architect recognized inspiration in the criticism.  Reinvigorated, the cabinet was redesigned to cantilever, allowing the floor, ceiling and light to flow uninterrupted to the gallery beyond.  

On the living room side, pocketing doors hide media components and DVD storage, while art objects are displayed behind glass doors on the gallery side.  Indirect lighting is concealed on top of the cabinetry to serve both spaces.

Good art may spring from the unbridled creativity of an individual, but good architecture is always the product of constraints and collaboration.  In a small project, clients provide both.

Architect of Record

Scott Rappe
Kuklinski + Rappe Architects
1915 West Division Street
Chicago, Illinois 60622
Phone: 7732765700

General Contractor

Patrick Straky
J Patrick Construcion, Inc
2853 West Leland Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60625
Phone: 3129258548

Consultant 1

Jim Senffner
Senffner & Associates
936 Beach Avenue
La Grange Park, Illinois 60526
Phone: 7085338549


Tom Harris

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