Addition On Pilotis

Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

The client approached us with a limited budget and a desire to have a three story addition executed in phases over several years as funds became available. Through our interviews with the client, we realized that the 1st floor portion of the addition was lowest on their priority list. Therefore, instead of building the 1st and 2nd floors first then waiting to do the 3rd floor master bedroom later, a pricing exercise showed we would be within budget if we build a 3rd floor master bedroom over a 2nd floor porch and omit the 1st floor entirely by putting the addition on pilotis (columns). By starting with an unconventional two story volume supported by two pilotis, we minimized the foundation work, limited costly enclosed volumes, and created the addition's simple but strong basic massing. From this initial massing, we hollowed out an outdoor living space serving as a covered porch on the 2nd floor, and finally, carved apertures for light and views on both the 2nd and 3rd floors. The columns both structurally and visually anchor the addition to the ground and are an expression of solidity and craftsmanship as they pay homage to the legs of iconic modern furniture.

Architect of Record

Martin Kim
Froelich Kim Architecture
2500 W. Gunnison St
Chicago, Illinois 60625
Phone: 773-728-9811

Associate Architect

Sig Froelich
Froelich Kim Architecture
2500 W. Gunnison St.
Chicago, Illinois 60625
Phone: 773-728-9811

General Contractor

Rob Roper
R.N. Roper Construction + Development
1346 West Augusta
Chicago, Illinois 60642
Phone: 773.620.9512

Consultant 1

Roman Szczesniak
RSJR Engineering LTD
6913 Young Ct
Woodridge, Illinois 60517
Phone: 630-963-7817


Sig Froelich

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