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At SOM, we are a collective committed to shaping a better future for our clients, communities and planet. We aspire to create the most sustainable, impactful work through creative, interdisciplinary teams with all the resources and diversity of a global firm. We value those who are passionate about excellence, innovation, integrity, inclusivity, and collaboration. Together we can achieve great things


Success at SOM Means

• Ideas: We believe in a meritocracy of ideas. We look to everyone to actively contribute to the discourse in the firm.
• Knowledge: We believe that expertise is the result of lifelong learning. We are not expected to know everything, but rather to passionately pursue answers, develop new skills and deepen our knowledge.
• Product: We strive for excellence in the concept, quality, and delivery of our work.
• Individual: We value individuals who bring the highest standards of professionalism and personal integrity in the way they work. Each person can develop and contribute their wealth of attributes, skills and knowledge to support the overall health of the firm.
• Team: We value the power of interdisciplinary integration. A positive team culture in which everyone collaborates openly towards common goals is essential.
• Firm: We have a history of making transformative contributions to the profession and our communities. We are constantly innovating and attempting to bring new approaches, solutions and processes to our work.

Position Responsibilities

• Leads the Architectural Project team through close collaboration with SOM Partners project leadership to achieve design, technical and financial success.
• Prepares, with Leadership input, quality agreements with clients including letters of intent, memoranda of understanding, and professional service agreements. Executes additional service agreements and gains authorization by phase.
• Collaborates with Partners and senior team to prepare, issue, and manage compliance plans to align project goals including budget, deliverables and schedule. Gains agreement with the senior team for labor allocation. Chairs weekly team meetings to address variances from the project plan.
• Administers internal control procedures with Project Accountant including billing, collections, percent complete, expense management, and year-end activities. Analyzes project reports and proactively manages the profitability of a project.
• Participates actively in project design and technical discussions and decision making.
• Communicates actively through chairing weekly meetings, issuing meeting minutes and accurate project record keeping and sharing project information and correspondence.
• Assists in Managing the owner/client relationship and expectations to allow SOM and team to work effectively, efficiently and collaboratively.
• Participated in new business and marketing efforts including responses to marketing requests and maintenance of firm relationships.
• Initiates, monitors and maintains project schedule and workplan including schedule of meetings and presentations.
• Schedules and leads internal team weekly project meetings; develops the meeting agenda and project status update.
• Initiates, monitors and maintains project plan and financial performance of project.
• Initiates and maintains SOM-Client Services Agreement, SOM Sub-Consultant Agreements and requests for additional services.
• Monitors scope for contract compliance and potential additional services.
• Actively engages in project risk management through close collaboration with SOM Partners and legal group.
• Manages time and workload of own work efforts and those of others to meet project task deadlines and commitments, with occasional interaction and direction from team leaders while guiding and teaching less experienced staff.


Leadership Responsibilities

• Inspires and leads others by example, participates in staff mentoring and training, clearly defines team member expectations and responsibilities, empowers others, and delegates where appropriate based on team members’ recognized abilities and potential.
• Develops and/or manages, in collaboration with team members, a clear and consistent work plan to achieve the project budget, deliverables, and schedule.
• Actively engages in internal and external professional development opportunities.
• Contributes to the implementation of sustainable strategies in all project assignments and the associated development of staff knowledge.
• Contributes to the development of standards, policies, and procedures.
• Coordinates and supports business development, public relations, and marketing opportunities.
• Protects SOM from financial and legal risk.
• Effective at communicating and promoting the work of the firm.

Minimum Qualifications

• 8 years of experience or equivalent knowledge, skills and abilities.
• Ability to read, write and speak fluent Mandarin Chinese and English.
• Previous experience working for an International firm doing business with companies in the People's Republic of China strongly preferred.
• General understanding of sustainable strategies and principles including familiarity with LEED or other green building rating systems.
• Demonstrated ability to successfully lead project teams and manage project schedule, budget and program.
• Strong verbal and written communication skills.
• Understands and is conversant in Revit, AutoCAD, Rhino, parametric and rendering software, and other graphic software.
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office/Project, Adobe Suite.
• Familiarity with Deltek Vision, Salesforce.
• LEED accreditation preferred.


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