Managing Architect


The Public Building Commission of Chicago / Chicago, IL


Recognizing the need for professional management of public construction projects, Mayor Richard J. Daley in 1956 formed the Public Building Commission of Chicago to oversee and help ensure quality facilities, an important goal that continues to lie at the heart of the organization. Today, PBC Chairman Mayor Rahm Emanuel is joined on the board by 10 other business and civic leaders whose dedication to the city and its communities has led them to volunteer their time to shape Chicago's built environment and its future.

Since its inception, the PBC has enhanced education, safety and recreation across Chicago by building or renovating hundreds of schools, city colleges, libraries, parks, fire houses, police stations and other facilities. Through such ambitious initiatives as Neighborhoods Alive 21 and Modern Schools Across Chicago, the PBC has built and continues to build new facilities that enhance every neighborhood of the City of Chicago and Cook County.


Principal Responsibilities


  • As a member of the Executive Team, demonstrate leadership and commitment to the mission and goals of the Planning/Design Department and the agency overall.
  • Lead department staff and resources in collaboration with other PBC functions (Finance, Compliance, Controls & Reporting, Contract Administration, Risk Management, External Affairs, Procurement and Construction) to ensure quality and timely project delivery and adherence to Commission policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Promote a positive culture that emphasizes client service, strong stewardship of public resources, creative thinking, sustainable design, problem prevention and, when necessary, problem resolution.
  • Ensure communication of issues to the appropriate parties, and keep Executive Team informed.
  • Ensure that all work is accomplished to an executive level; that problems/issues are presented succinctly and with alternative solutions and recommendations.
  • Represent the PBC at meetings and conferences with elected and public officials, the community, private citizens and public and private organizations.
  • Interface with Executive Director, Deputy Managing Architect, senior staff, Project Managers, outside governmental and non-governmental agencies, and consultants regarding PBC projects, as needed.
  • Represent PBC to clients as their total project development resource; ensure appropriate management of consultants.
  • Ensure that management reports/documentation is in accordance with PBC’s reporting policies.
  • Perform all duties and responsibilities of the position as assigned.



  • Lead the Planning/Design team to advance projects through the planning and design phases, ensuring that the clients’ requirements and standards are achieved.
  • In partnership with the Deputy Managing Architect, coordinate the assignment and review of work to staff; assign work activities and coordinate schedules, projects, and programs according to agency procedures; provide constructive feedback, review and evaluate work product, and make constructive suggestions and recommendations.
  • Ensure the maintenance of departmental systems including but not limited to: Errors and Omissions Policy, Design Management Manual, Client Design and Performance Standards, Lessons Learned policy and the public-right-of-way database for every PBC project.
  • Manage performance of team members, including ongoing performance coaching and feedback, training, employee reviews and evaluations, and addressing performance/behavior issues as needed. Evaluate staffing requirements.
  • Approve Amendments to contracts as needed and report Amendments to the Board of Commissioners at the monthly PBC Board Meetings.
  • Ensure appropriate management of environmental resources and program sustainability resources, including but not limited to: program reporting and project activities such as LEED goals and design.
  • Lead the proposal solicitation and selection of professional consultants (i.e. Architects Surveyors, etc.) and make written recommendations for professional consultants to the Board of Commissioners for approval.
  • Monitor and implement industry best practices.
  • Provide analysis of data and information for PBC budgeting and reporting.
  • Monitor and evaluate performance of vendors.



Manage the required efforts of departmental staff and resources to assure tasks are complete in order to meet project’s scope, schedule and budgets; specifically but not limited to:

  • Produce a coordinated bid package
  • Ensure program standards are achieved through the planning and design processes
  • Produce a coordinated project delivery package (Design/Bid/Build, Design Build, Construction Manager, etc.) supporting attainment of the lowest responsible price
  • Participate in planning and design phase deliverable milestone reviews
  • Ensure that open, direct, and effective communication is maintained internally and externally to the PBC
  • Ensure minimization of amendments, addenda change orders, and claims


Reporting Relationship(s)

Reports to Executive Director

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities Required

  • License to practice Architecture in the State of Illinois
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in the practice of architecture, including architectural design, design management and project management
  • Excellent organizational and analytical skills. Must be self-motivated, disciplined, detail-oriented, and a problem-solving team player with strong work ethic and an ability to work in a fast paced environment
  • Proven leadership ability is required. Must have strong personnel management experience, and a demonstrated ability to lead successful teams
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, persuasive leadership skills and the ability to work well with colleagues, PBC senior management, and other external contacts
  • Comfort with and proven ability to direct work on multiple, complex projects in a dynamic environment. Ability to prioritize responsibilities and re-evaluate priorities as needed
  • Ability to manage and track large amounts of projects and project related data
  • Ability to translate complex details into broader issues
  • Ability to look for patterns across multiple projects, draw conclusions and take steps to make changes and improve processes as necessary
  • Must be comfortable with leading large group meetings and acting as intermediary between internal and external representatives
  • Proficiency with Contract Management Systems, Architectural Computer Aided DesignSoftware, Development Software, Project Management Software, Spreadsheet Software and Word Processing Software (Microsoft Office products)


The Public Building Commission is an equal opportunity employer. 


Qualified and interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter to