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Summary: The Construction Risk Manager (CRM) will collaborate with the Chief Architect to monitor the various activities required to complete construction projects. The CRM will author, review, and/or analyze pre-construction, construction and post-construction documentation and reports ensuring adequacy and resulting conformance with financing requirements for construction loans.

Expected Outcomes: The CRM will help ensure all construction activity has adequate planning and execution to comply with the terms of the construction lending instrument, including approval of, and adherence to, designs, building codes and other government requirements, budgets and schedules. The CRM exercises judgment and expert knowledge to ensure construction projects meet required specifications and projected financial results.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Review and analyze construction documentation to verify adequacy and conformance with requirements at closing, commitment, and/or conversion.
  • Accountable for the creation and analysis of pre-construction, construction, and post-construction reports.
  • Provide ongoing monitoring of construction projects to ensure sufficient progress toward meeting contractual construction and financing schedules.
  • Create routine construction monitoring reports summarizing progress and known or potential risks for filing and review with Fannie and/or Freddie.
  • Review and approve material change orders to ensure ongoing compliance.
  • Provide final internal approval on project conformance with Fannie and/or Freddie construction requirements.

This position could report to our IL, IN, MN, NY, or DC office.

  • Requires at least seven years' experience in construction-related financing, preferably working with forward-commitment loans, rehab loans and/or equity investments.
  • Requires a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution in engineering, architecture, or construction or project management; OR at least 10 years' professional experience in the field of engineering, architecture and/or construction management with advanced knowledge of building materials and design, construction processes and documentation, cost analysis, and project scheduling.
  • Requires intermediate ability to use software such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.
  • Must demonstrate a sound working knowledge of industry-related organizations and their related qualifications to serve as third-part contributors toward project completion.
  • Must display a thorough understanding of third-party reports to assess completeness, accuracy and conformance as well as experience resolving/mitigating problems arising from construction due diligence reviews.
  • Must demonstrate understanding and sound judgment regarding design decisions, material choices and market preferences as well as the adequacy and fitness of proposed budgets, construction schedules, pre-construction studies/reports/surveys, permit filings, and selected contractors.
  • Must be fully capable of assessing completed work for quality and conformance within scope, code and governmental requirement compliance, financing commitments, and related rules and regulations.
  • Must demonstrate good organization, communication and persuasion skills with a proven ability to build and utilize working relationships to complete assigned work with professionalism and the utmost commitment to ethical business practices.

All employees are expected to contribute to the overall success of the organization by performing requested duties regardless of explicit inclusion in the job description or reasonable relation to an employee's primary role. Additionally, all employees must understand and adhere to all federal and state laws and banking regulations and company policies and procedures applicable to assigned job responsibilities, including compliance as appropriate under the Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering regulations.

Additionally, all employees are expected to demonstrate the following Core Competencies:

Professionalism – acting with responsibility, integrity and accountability; demonstrating consistent trustworthiness and reliability; always remaining flexible, adaptable and willing to accept coaching; building and managing professionally healthy relationships; deliberately managing career decisions; and continually developing awareness of business-related topics.

Communication – understanding various active and passive tools and styles and their effects; and exhibiting appropriate, effective, timely use of tools and styles to connect, collaborate, facilitate teamwork and serve customers.

Work Quality – demonstrating an ongoing commitment to compliance, safety and security; executing work with efficiency, a sense of urgency and attention to detail; and displaying organized work practices and a results-oriented mindset.

Analytical Ability – navigating work-related circumstances with practical, sound reasoning; and demonstrating creativity in problem solving.

Leadership – displaying good judgment and certainty in decision making; taking initiative with job-related demands; demonstrating innovative thinking and sound planning with business practices; managing individual performance toward shared organizational goals; and thinking strategically to set and accomplish goals.

Merchants Bancorp and its affiliates and subsidiaries are committed to being equal opportunity employers. All job candidates and incumbents will be assessed based on only criteria relevant to successfully performing the job as defined in this job description and as generally accepted in the job's relevant industries.


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