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With 100,000 people moving into cities across the globe every day, the 21st century will truly be the century of the city. Humanity's continued existence on this planet will rely on our ability to transform cities into dense, livable centers of innovation that reduce both land consumption and energy needs. In order to accommodate an additional 2.5 billion people in the world's cities by 2050, the shapers of our urban landscapes will require guidance through access to expert research and resources that promote best practices for smarter cities. This is why the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat's (CTBUH) mission is critical to promoting a better urban future.


CTBUH is seeking an analyst to work in our Research and Thought Leadership group, as part of the team that manages the world's pre-eminent database of tall building information. The database has 30,000+ entries, containing images and vital statistics on tall buildings around the world. It serves not only as a data repository, but also as an increasingly important clearinghouse for resources and information that Council generates, from news articles, videos, and research papers, to chapter and member activities.

The data also serves the hundreds of media requests the Council receives each year. The database is a critical component of the research that the Council, its members, and industry leaders, conduct. This new colleague will help the organization strengthen its ability to accurately cover the rapidly increasing pace of skyscraper design and construction, and to help develop and maintain the quality and integrity of data already established.


- Enhance the development and representation of building and company profiles within the CTBUH building database and website, looking for gaps in data and seeking sources and data to fill those gaps.
- Conduct dedicated ad-hoc research projects that inform internal data studies and external requests, pulling data requests from the database or doing outreach to companies regarding building status or data.
- Evaluate and process incoming project data for accuracy, including interpretation of architectural drawings. Follow up with any clarifications.
- Collect planning applications from municipal planning portals when necessary.
- Provide excellent customer service to CTBUH Organizational Members who submit requests to evaluate their projects or member pages on
- Provide administrative support for larger, externally funded CTBUH research projects.
- Conduct outreach to companies regarding building projects and CTBUH initiatives.
- Stay abreast of developments and trends within tall building construction and vertical urbanism.
- Be a creative, enthusiastic, detail-oriented, self-starter with a strong sense of ownership, eager to work in a fast-paced environment.

Required Qualifications:
- Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in a discipline relevant to the building industry.
- A passion for tall buildings, architecture, urban issues, and related topics.
- An ability to cultivate reliable sources and solicit accurate data.
- Strong prioritization, organizational and communication skills, with the ability to scope and manage both long-and short-term research projects.
- Strong customer service mindset to process member requests promptly and professionally.
- Knowledge of databases, as well as proficiency with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.
- Experience with HTML.


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