Billing Specialist - Whitney, Inc.


Whitney, Inc. / Chicago, Illinois United States


Located in downtown Chicago, Whitney is an interior architectural and design studio. Founded in 1984, Whitney has a long history of designing dynamic workplaces. Our firm has recently been named one of Crain’s Chicago’s Best Places to Work. We are currently looking for a Billing Specialist, ideally with knowledge of Deltek’s Ajera project-based accounting software.


Billing Specialist


- Administration of Deltek Ajera project-based accounting software
• Design/maintain reports, inquiries, widgets and dashboards
• Create/maintain billing rate schedules
• Create/maintain invoice templates
• Liaison with Deltek for staff technical issues
• Generate billing & project progress reports as requested by principals & staff
• Set-up projects in Deltek Ajera as awarded and requested by staff
o Determine and enter client contact, billing fees, rates and terms from proposals/letters of agreement
o Enter consultant fees as resources when required
• Issue monthly invoices
o Push out data to Project Managers for review and invoicing direction
o Finalize 125 – 225 invoices monthly and email/mail to clients
o Review/report to Partners
o Upload invoices as required to client supplier portals
• Process staff expense reports
o Review allowable expenses and report questionable submissions to Principal(s) for approval
o Maintain copies of receipts of billable expenses to be attached to client invoices
• Enter vendor and consultant invoices related to billable projects
o Monitor and ensure consultant’s invoice does not exceed approved fees. Alert Project Managers to any possible overages.
o Maintain copies of vendor invoices to be attached to client invoices

- Maintain client files
• Upload client proposals/contracts, consultants agreements and lien waivers to a network separate from staff accessible folders.

- Lien waivers
• Approximately 10-20 lien waivers are issued monthly as requested by clients

- Notary
• Notarize lien waivers

- Collections
• Follow up with clients on invoices that are outstanding at 60 days+ throughout the month and request Project Manager/Principal assistance as needed.
• Generate reports and retain contracts and correspondence for any potential attorney involvement.

- Administration / Tracking of In-house Plotting Expenses (Océ Plotter)
• Update weekly with new projects
• Generate billing report at beginning of the month from data received from plotter vendor (Cushing); enter in Ajera for billing purposes.

- Certificate of Insurance (COI) Requests
• Submit requests to risk management vendor (USI) for certificates of insurance as requested by staff


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