Interested in Becoming a Fellow of the AIA?

Licensed architects who have distinguished themselves in the categories of design, practice, education or service in the community, and who have at least 10 years of cumulative AIA membership are eligible applicants for Fellowship.

If you haven't been nominated before and are interested in AIA Chicago nominating you for Fellowship, please submit a copy of your resume/profile, along with a small selection of supporting material so that we may include it in a file of eligible candidates (we recommend reading the Fellowship Categories carefully, and forward materials that you feel speak best to your achievements in this regard). You can read more about the Fellowship Categories here. Please specify what Category you’d be supporting with your materials, and use the below informational list of elements the committee will be expecting and important considerations that will ultimately strengthen a submission:

  • A well-considered decision about the Object /Category to be pursued, and why.
  • Clear information about how the individual’s work has had ripple effects beyond the immediate firm/ area of work, specifically on the object selected.
  • Careful separation of the individual’s work from any firm’s work (this can be difficult, but important to do).
  • Documented involvement/ contribution to the AIA in some fashion
  • List of broader contributions, even if not directly related to the object, such as mentoring, writing, teaching, community involvement, etc.
  • Careful review of AIA national’s Fellow requirements to assure that the individual will ultimately be able to comply

If you're interested in Fellowship, please contact Steve Riforgiato for more information, at

The AIA Chicago Fellowship Nominating Committee will send letters to potential candidates by late-May of 2019.

Important Meetings and Dates for 2020 Fellowship:


June 19th, 2019 - Demystifying Fellowship Seminar

Learn all about the AIA College of Fellows and the process of nomination to Fellowship.

Fellowship was developed to elevate those architects who have made a significant contribution to architecture and society and who have achieved a standard of excellence in the profession. Election to Fellowship not only recognizes the achievements of the architect as an individual, but also honors before the public and the profession a model architect who has made a significant contribution to architecture and society on a national level. The presentation will explain the nomination, application, and review process.

July 1, 2019 - AIA National Awards Website Application Opens

August 21st, 2019 – Fellowship Mentoring Session

An evening session where a candidates the work-in-progress submission is reviewed one-on-one.  Each candidate that attends will be paired with a Fellow to critique the work. A draft of the submission will be requested prior to the session for pre-review by a mentor.  It is not necessary for the submissions to be in final form at the time of the session.  This is open to AIA Chicago members who have been nominated for Fellowship consideration by the chapter prior to the session.


October 1st, 2019 – Fellowship Submissions due to national to AIA National at 4:00pm CST.

Final nomination materials for the 2020 College of Fellows must be electronically submitted to AIA National at October 1, 2019. Visit the 2020 page for linked below for further information.

Fellowship Information from AIA AWARDS -

National AIA has launched a new site with Fellowship information: