AIA Chicago seeks functional objects designed by architects to be considered for an exhibition later this year in a public venue, organized and presented by AIA Chicago. The exhibition will include furniture, fixtures, and other objects that have a functional design and represent the versatile talents of Chicago's architecture community, and will be scheduled to coincide with the timing of the Chicago Architecture Biennial.
Requirements for Submission:

--Minimum four, maximum ten images per submission, including photographs of the completed object
--Description of the object (200 word max), including:

Statement of contextual background
Description of materials and construction/fabrication
Special challenges or considerations
Unique and/or innovative solutions

--A list of any outside collaborators, including manufacturers and fabricators (indicate role with name)
--Object dimensions (height, width, length)


--All objects submitted must be fabricated prior to submission. No unbuilt work will be considered.
--Those who submit must be AIA members, Associate AIA members, International AIA members, AIA Student members (AIAS), or AIA Chicago Student members.

A group of design educators, design professionals, and representatives from AIA Chicago’s Board of Directors will select a limited number of objects for the exhibition.


Is there a limit to how many objects I can submit? No.

Is there a stipend or honorarium awarded to selected objects? No.

My name is in the submission package - will the selection committee see my name? No, the selection committee will only see your object title, descriptive statement, and images.


Submissions must be received no later than July 7, 2017 at 5:00pm. 


1. Download and fill out this PDF. Re-name your submission form as such: “LastName_ObjectTitle”.

2. Choose four to ten photos to submit. Rename the photos as such: “ObjectTitle_01; ObjectTitle_02” etc.

3. Create a folder (also named “LastName_ObjectTitle”) with this form and the images of your object.

4. Zip your folder and upload your submission package to this Dropbox folder.

Questions? Contact Kelsey Kirkley, Events Manager at or at 312.376.2760.