Board Minutes: February 2017


AIA CHICAGO Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, February 22, 2017, 12:00‐1:30 pm

AIA Chicago, 35 East Wacker Drive, Suite 250


p Matthew Dumich (President)
p Catherine Baker (Pres-Elect)
p Robert Forest (Sponsorship)
o Craig Brandt (Honors/Awards)
p Brett Taylor (Advocacy)
o April Hughes (Secretary)
p Craig Cernek (Treasurer)

p Dawn Schuette (Past President)

o Laura Crane (Director)
p Drew Deering (Director)
o Jessica Figenholtz (Director)
p Laura Garcia (Director)
o Jennifer Park (Director)

p Edward Peck (Director)
p Michael Pfeffer (Director)

p Cameron Acheson (Assoc. Dir)
o Vuk Vujovic (Assoc. Dir)

p Patrick Donley (Affiliate Dir.)

p Avi Mor (Affiliate Dir.)            

p Julia Mosqueda (Student Dir.)

o Fred Brandstrader (IL Delegate)

p Janeen Harrell (IL Delegate)
p Jose Rodriguez (IL Delegate)

p Zurich Esposito (Exec. VP)

Meeting Minutes                                                                                                                                            

Guests Attending

Peter Exley, FAIA, AIA National Board, At-Large Director
Joseph Lai, AIA, AIA National Board, Associate Director
Mark Schwamel, AIA, AIA Illinois Board, President

2. Approve December 2016 Board Meeting Minutes                                                                                                

ACTION: Motion by Laura Garcia, AIA; Seconded by Dawn Schuette, FAIA; Approved by unanimous vote

3. AIA Illinois Prairie Grassroots Advocacy Briefing    

ACTION: Mark Schwamel, AIA, presented overview of AIA IL Prairie Grassroots Conference in Springfield on March 28, 2017

All Board Members encouraged to complete the AIA Illinois Advocacy Survey before the end of the week. 

4. Strategic Communications – AIA Message Book

ACTION: Peter Exley, FAIA, presented the strategic communication initiative resource

5. Committee Reports

a. President/ First Vice‐President

ACTION: Report of recent activities and initiatives presented by Matt Dumich, FAIA, and Catherine Baker, AIA

b. Executive Vice President Remarks

ACTION: Summary of upcoming programs/activities presented by Zurich Esposito

c. Advocacy Committee

ACTION: Brett Taylor, AIA provided Rebuilding Together update and other advocacy related information

d. Finance Committee

ACTION: Financial report presented by Craig Cernek, AIA

e. Honors & Awards Committee

ACTION: Small Project Awards jury, presented by Matt Dumich, FAIA

f. Membership Committee

ACTION: No report.

g. Sponsorship Committee

ACTION: Bob Forest, FAIA, presented report and invited all board members to participate in sponsorship solicitation activities

6. City of Chicago – Department of Buildings Working Group

ACTION: AIA Chicago DOB Working Group activity was presented by Laura Garcia, AIA

7. Meeting Outcomes


All architects and allied professionals welcome to attend AIA IL Prairie Grassroots Advocacy Day on March 28
AIA Chicago Board focused on strategic communications to craft messaging about architects’ value and impact in our communities
2017 Chicago Architectural Biennial planning underway for AIA Chicago with focus on public programs that celebrate Chicago Architects/members
Look Ahead: Young Architects Forum leaders will join next month’s Board meeting

Documents Distributed

January 2017 Board Meeting Minutes
Financial Report
Sponsorship Report
Membership Report

Upcoming Events

Next Board Meeting: Wednesday, March 29, AIA Chicago, 12:00pm
AIA Illinois Prairie Grassroots: Tuesday, March 28, Springfield, IL
AIA Chicago/USGBC Chicago Thrives: Resilience Summit – Thursday, April 20, 1 North Wacker, 2nd Floor Conference Center
AIA National Convention: April 26-29, Orlando, Florida
Small Project Awards: Friday, May 4, Architectural Artifacts