AIA Chicago Office Closed; Staff Working Remotely


Dear AIA Chicago community members:

Considerations of health, safety and welfare guide the decisions of architects. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently characterized COVID-19 as a global epidemic. In order to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees, clients and their families and friends, most Chicago architecture firms are working remotely or giving their employees the option of working remotely from home during this period of uncertainty.  

Health officials are urging the world to take immediate and aggressive action to help control the spread of the virus. AIA Chicago encourages all members of our community to protect those most vulnerable by limiting social interactions and minimizing gatherings. Enabling our community of professionals to work from home is one way of doing that. 

Effective immediately, AIA Chicago will remain operational with its staff members working remotely and the physical office at 35 East Wacker Drive closed until further notice. AIA Chicago staff members are available during normal business hours by phone and by email. Most programs, meetings and events originally scheduled for the month of March and April have been postponed. AIA Chicago’s calendar of events contains more information related to postponements and cancellations.

AIA Chicago thanks and applauds members of our community, comprised of practices of all sizes and members of many kinds, for taking swift action during these sensitive and serious times in order to preserve everyone's longterm health, safety and welfare.  

We wish all our members and friends the best of health and safety during this time and always. Please remember that AIA Chicago staff members are available to provide assistance, information and support. Don’t hesitate to continue to be in contact with us. 

Lastly, and most importantly, for the most up-to-date information on the city's response to COVID-19, please visit, where you can also sign up for regular email updates.

Zurich Esposito, Hon. AIA

April Hughes, AIA
AIA Chicago Board President


Nina Dew, Office Manager

Zurich Esposito, Executive Vice President

Joan Pomaranc, Director of Programs

Allison Garwood Freedland, Manager of Programs & Outreach

Kacey Larsen, Program & Events Manager

Anjulie Rao, Director of Communications

Steve Riforgiato, Membership Manager

Debora Donato, Sponsorship Coordinator

Kathy Jessen, Accounting