AIA Chicago Co-Sponsors Resilience Symposium


Chicago Resilience Symposium

USGBC – Illinois and AIA Chicago are accepting proposals for our upcoming “Chicago Thrives! Resilience Symposium” from now until February 7, 2017 at 9:00 PM (deadline extended).  Chicago’s first ever Resilience Symposium will be held on Thursday, April 20th, 2017.

Please read the Call for Session Proposals for full details on the topic preferences, review process and program policies before completing the session application form.

Resilient design is emerging as the design challenge for our age. Practitioners in the built environment must re-imagine our built infrastructure and social fabric to be adaptable to changing conditions, be they sudden abrupt changes such as natural disaster or chronic stresses such as endemic crime and poverty in addition to carbon drawdown strategies. The Chicago Thrives! Resilience Symposium as envisioned will serve to enhance the work the City of Chicago is currently undertaking and will provide an opportunity for multiple disciplines in our region to meet and exchange ideas and best practices through lecture, panel discussion, and interactive workshops. We title this event “Chicago Thrives!” purposefully because we believe that the City of Chicago and the Great Lakes region is well-positioned to not only survive but thrive through the stresses of the coming decades. We must act now to ensure a positive future for generations to come.

Selection preference will be given to expertise and case studies of realized or potential solutions that address local solutions to resilient community/city planning, manufacturing, agriculture, livability, social justice, market trends, and/or relevant policy at multiple scales and leveraging a diversity of perspectives. Other related resilience topics will be considered. In your proposal, please be sure to clearly state how your topic is relevant and timely to the creation of more livable, just, and resilient human environments.

How to Submit

Questions? Contact Katie Kaluzny at or by phone at 312-245-8300 x3.